A Unique Concept in Europe pushed by Eric Grauffel & CZ

EG-CZ Academy aims to provide you with a unique experience in the field of indoor shooting, 25m precision shooting, shooting on reactive targets and steel targets, IPSC shooting, as well as the possibility of following a professional teaching program with our instructors of the CZ Shooting Team, and finally get the possibility of shooting with different firearm’s model in our training complex.

Tailor-made plans

From the occasional shooter to the competitor, the EG-CZ Academy offers you a price adjusted to your consumption. Four plans and their various advantages are available for you to choose.


10€/ year


50€/ month

gold tsv

75€/ month


125€/ month

Introduction to Shooting :

Discovery of sports shooting through one or more weapons, in different disciplines, 25m (static shooting on a stationary target) and fun shoot (static shooting on metal and/or moving targets), supervised by an instructor.

Introduction to Dynamic Shooting :

IPSC “beginner” course. You will be introduced to the basics of IPSC (Safety, rules, grip, draw, reload, movement forward & backward as well as lateral movements ), 5 people maximum:
Two days course (9 a.m. to 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.), 1,200 cartridges fired. Only for shooters having an experience of firearm manipulations & target shooting.

A mobile application to facilitate access to the shooting range with ease

Thanks to the EG-CZ Academy application, you will be able to access your account, on which you will find various information: Account balance, hours of attendance, different rates, benefits, entertainments, and range occupancy schedule. You can also book a 25m shooting range or fun shoot, a shooting bay, a place for ipsc training, as well as a weapon and ammunition.

device model

A team of enthusiasts, A world champion and International instructors

The training team of the EG-CZ Academy is made up of experienced instructors trained in the techniques of Eric Grauffel by Eric Grauffel, during a continuous training of several months, with the aim of restoring the training methods of the sevenfold world champion.